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Are you a fan of those smaller, thinner and lighter computer devices, called tablets? You probably use your tablet wherever you go, exploiting its portability at any time given. But with that being said, you are actually risking a lot. You are risking either the battery life of your device to become shorter and shorter with each day, or if you are not paying enough attention, to drop it, which can cause a costly damage. And the situation is the same with their smaller versions – smartphones. Due to their similarity, the problems can be almost identical. Don’t worry, if your smartphone or tablet breaks, contacting Talk N Fix can be your most reliable choice ever. Are you anywhere in Hanover, MD? We can be your top reliable choice if you need the following services:

Battery repair. Let’s face it, major smartphone manufacturers are using bigger and bigger batteries every year, and that’s a marketing trick for their flagship models. But in general, even if your smartphone or tablet has a battery life as long as a turtle’s life if you don’t know how to take proper care of your device, chances are you will make it shorter and shorter every day. Relax, we can repair or replace your old, damaged battery with a new one. There is no point in buying a new device, because it cannot last as long as you want.

Camera lens replacement. Do you love selfies and you can’t let a day pass without uploading a photo in the social media? If your camera lens is damaged, the only pictures you will be able to post are old ones, before that tragic for your moment. Let the team of professionals handle that as well, providing you a replacement service that is not only affordable but also fast.

Unlock cell phones. Did you finally receive that cell phone that you want so badly but the second you turn it on, you notice that you are not able to use it? Don’t throw it away – we will unlock it.

Cracked screen repair. We can repair any screen cracks with professional kits, at affordable rates.

Professional tablet repair. Those devices are a basically smaller version of laptops, and also, bigger versions of smartphones. It’s in the sweet spot for anyone who still wants to keep part of the performance that will be able to get from a laptop, with a portability of a smartphone, but bigger. With our help, if your tablet is damaged, we can repair it fast and in the most professional way possible.

Do you need a reliable tablet or smartphone repair of any kind? Contact Talk N Fix at (410) 428-8000 now! We are able to serve the area as well.


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