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We’ve become attached to our phones and that’s a truth we often hate to admit. In today’s throw-away world, unfortunately, gadgets rarely last a lifetime. This is why you need a reputable phone repair shop like Talk N Fix to turn to. If you’re in the Hanover, MD area, stay on this page to learn about the services we provide!

Services We Offer

Our cell phone repair company is here to help get your electronics operational in a prompt and reliable manner. We mainly work on smartphones, but there are all kinds of phones and tablets that we’re happy to repair, too. Our phone repair services cover everything from initial inspections and cost of repair estimation, all the way to fixing the problem. That problem can be anything, battery failure, cracked touchscreen or phone body, software issues, Bluetooth issues, water immersion, the inability of the phone to run apps or basic features, and many other issues. We will always tell you the cost of repair upfront so you can decide whether you want us to proceed with the repair or you want to get a new phone entirely.

How We Do It

Our mobile phone repair experts use the best parts, components, and tools available on the market to keep your devices running smoothly and efficiently. We’re familiar with all the issues one may experience when owning a smartphone, and we never back down from a challenge!

When You Need Our Help

The moment you open your new phone yourself, you’ve voided your warranty. If you attempt to fix your cracked screen or replace an old battery yourself, you may end up damaging the phone further, which will force you to buy a new phone altogether. The same applies for all new tablets and cell phones you’re experiencing issues with.
Instead of damaging your devices further or replacing your phone with a new one every time it breaks, turn to the knowledgeable phone & tablet repair providers of Talk N Fix.

Is it mobile screen repair services that you need in Hanover, MD and the other areas we serve? Give us a call or go to our About us page for the benefits of choosing our services.


by Francisco Newman on Talk N Fix
Thank You!

The team helped me with my broken iPhone 5. The repairs were done quickly without any waiting, and the price was very reasonable. I am very happy with the service, and I won't hesitate to recommend this shop!

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